Graham Davis

Agriculture Marketing Specialist, Domestic Hemp Production Program, Agriculture Marketing Service, United States Department of Agriculture.

Graham Davis currently serves as Agriculture Marketing Specialist, Domestic Hemp Production Program (DHPP). Graham spends most of his time outlining the key provisions of the Domestic Hemp Production Program (DHPP) Regulations (86 FR 8896) to stakeholders. In addition, Graham has developed the educational training materials for individuals interested in becoming USDA certified hemp sampling and has a leadership role working to develop training resources to promote stakeholder understanding of USDA Domestic Hemp Production Program Final Rule, regulations, and best practices.

Graham has been with the federal government for 14 years. He first started his public service working as the Plant Health Care Specialist of the Smithsonian Gardens for 7 years. He then walked across the street to work for the USDA’s National Organic Program for 5 years. Graham has been with USDA’s Domestic Hemp Program since January of 2021.

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