Julie Lerner

Founder and CEO of PanXchange

Julie Lerner is the Founder and CEO of PanXchange, a trading platform and market structure solution for physical commodities that specializes in bringing liquidity and efficiencies to thin and/or nascent markets. She was selected as a Futures Industry Association (FIA) Innovator and selected in the inaugural class of the Most Admired CEOs by the Denver Business Journal. She holds two U.S. patents on the PanXchange platform, with another pending.  She is a regular contributor to industry trade publications, the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and Bloomberg TV. 
Ms. Lerner began her career with Cargill International (Switzerland) and later became the senior trader for Cargill’s Latin American sugar markets, where she focused on the development of origination markets with successful financing programs and warehouse and distribution programs. She has also held several positions in trading and business development with companies such as XL Financial (weather derivatives) and Sempra Energy Trading (electricity). 
Ms. Lerner has extensive experience in regional and international agricultural and energy markets. Geographically, her area of expertise covers the U.S., Europe, Latin America and East Africa. She is an advisor to early-stage companies, offering a 360-degree perspective from entrepreneurs to angel investors, and from smallholder farmers to Fortune 100 executives.

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