Kelly O’Connor

Key Accounts, Sales Director | Columbia Laboratories

Kelly O’Connor is presenting on behalf of Columbia Laboratories, formerly Pixis Labs. Columbia Labs serves the Hemp & Cannabis industries, as well as Food and Feed; offering supply chain testing and environmental analyses for more than 40 years. Columbia Labs was the first lab in Oregon certified to test for recreational cannabis and continues to lead the industry with method development and a commitment to scientific ethics.

Kelly works with cannabis companies to ensure compliance and get ahead of market demands through structured R&D and advancing methodologies. As regulations mature, cannabis science catches up, and market demands increase, Kelly consults with clients about best practices, compliance, cannabis, and internationally regulated markets to excel her clients into a sustainable framework.

Kelly is an active member of the American Herbal Products Association’s Cannabis Committee, board member of the Association of Western Hemp Professionals and has been an active participant in the Oregon’s regulatory action committees and workgroups for testing regulations.

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